Where do they get that from?


For a lighter side today I thought I would share a few tid bits from the youngest son.

He is a great listener:  The words “put your bottom in the chair and sit still” has never been forgotten.

butt in the chair

He was tired from the long hours spent with friends.

He helped as a counselor helper at church day camp all last week.  We were discussing it on Saturday and he mentioned that there was a boy there named Fred.  In case you don’t know, we sometimes call our youngest son “Fred”.

So I asked if the young Fred at day camp was cool (making reference that Devin is cool and called Fred, so other child must be cool too)!

Devin looks at me and says “Why you gotta make it about looks Mom?  I’m not superficial like that.”  I know he is being coy and knows what I mean but I reply, “I didn’t ask if he was good looking, I asked if he was cool looking as we know I think Bill Murray is very cool sexy but not a GQ candidate. (More from the Stripes and ghostbuster years)

He nods and smirks and states, “well of course Bill Murray is sexy.  You know that I have an eleven inch sense of humor”

“Wow”! I say, ” you must be adopted”

“What are you saying about dad?” he responds

I chuckle and say, “I’m saying he is half as funny as you are”

“Well, you know that is normal right?” he quips and pauses, “We are still talking about humor right?”

children's twisted humor


Welcome into a glimpse of our conversations.

Love Sally

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