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Keeping some Tennessee Going

I only worked in the office three days this week, but it wasn’t an easy three days.

The company I am working for is steadily changing focus and cutting staff.  Five folks had been let go in the last month and we were told two more had to go this week. Discussions ensued  on who it should be.

Our customer service team seemed safe for a bit, but twists and turns later, we had to choose one of our own to go.  The other was from a different department.

easier to fire when they did wrong

It was heart breaking, as this is a young man with a great heart.

So, driving into work yesterday with sadness still joining me, I heard a clip of Tennessee Ernie Ford on the radio.

I sometimes put on my headphones and pull up one of the music streaming sites and play tunes.  Yesterday I put the search  in to play a station built around music of and similar to Tennessee Ernie Ford.  I was rewarded with great songs of folk, hymns and honky tonk style.

It was exactly what I needed. Just the fact that I was listening to someone with the name Tennessee helped to remind me to not lose all of the incredible good energy I came home with from the trip there earlier in the week.

The songs were of struggle, love, devotion, praise.  All that I was feeling and good reminders to focus on the better things in life.

music speaksThank goodness for music.

Love Sally

Greeter Falls Hike

On my last day in TN, the five of us -newly married couple, inlaws and me – all piled into their car and headed out to Greeter Falls to get in a bit of a hike and see the scenery.

It was another gorgeous day where a light jacket – or no coat at all for me – was needed.


The leaves were changing, falling, crunching under our feet, and giving off that sweet aroma of them giving up their last breath in decay.

The first falls we reached was Boardtree falls and being fall and drier, it was but a trickle.

boardtree fallsStill very beautiful though with the bits of leaves in the cascade with the water.

The path led us past many rock outcroppings that had me thinking of my younger rock climbing years and looking at routes I might take if I were to climb now.

rocks near boardtree fallsrocky cliffs to greeter falls

No climbing was done on this unpredictable shale.

Then we made it to Greeter Falls and from the perch before the decent to the bottom of the falls, it looked as if you might be able to traverse around and behind the falls.

Greeter FallsHeading up the group as the younger couple was hanging back to make sure the parents were using sure and steady steps, I decided to hurry down and see if I could get back behind the falls before someone would say it wasn’t a good idea to try.

behind greeter fallsYep, I made it back there and got to enjoy the cleansing mist of the falls from behind them.  I wouldn’t have recommended that everyone try it, but it was grand for me.

backside of greeter fallsAnd so I was afforded the opportunity to catch the view from all angles below.

other side view greeter fallsWe left and went directly to the airport for my flight.  We spent probably twice as much time in the car than we did at the hike but all was time well spent for me.

A great last day to an unbelievably uplifting and joyous trip.

Love Sally