Four legged Family


dogs make our life whole

Today a very dear friend learned that they will be saying goodbye to one of their beloved dogs tomorrow.  It has had me tearing up all day.  Partly because I know how hard it will be to say goodbye for my friend and partly because it is hard not to think that we will have to do the same sometime soon.

I know there are folks out there who don’t care for dogs or are fearful of them but for many of us, a dog is the companion who always has a smile, an untold story in those loving eyes and a wag to let you know they care.

happy dog

They sense our moods but don’t match the occasional negative emotions with their own and it has even been shown that they can move us beyond deep emotional pain.

There are programs that match service veterans with dogs to help with their post traumatic stress disorder.   It is shown that dogs can create the bridge helping children with autism connect and improve social skills.  The array of service dogs for all types of needs is getting to be nearly endless.

They get you out walking and connecting with nature when you might not think you had the time otherwise.

dog hike


Sure, they can drive you nuts and make you laugh, but what family member doesn’t.

dogs exploding sofa

The space they fill in your life is not measured by the size of the animal.  When they are gone, you realize the energy that filled the entire room when they were with you was wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

My friends have shared a good many years with this loveable beast and can say goodbye with hearts filled with the joy and memories of how great he was  to be part of their family.

love a dog like a family member

Goodbye Moses, you will be fondly remembered.

chris and moses

Love Sally


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  1. Damn, that sucks. We cat people can relate to the pain as well. My heart goes out to Moses’ family.

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