What a Summer

summer-is-over-snoopyAs most of you know, I somewhat finagled to have the summer off.  You could be wondering why there were no stories when I was not working as one would think I was flush with time.

I think that I was so grateful for the time, travel, talks, friends, family and fun, that part of me was hesitant to stop and share as the stopping might halt the flow.  Not rational I know, but when your is such an amazing flow, it’s hard to contemplate the stop of any of it.

When my fairly extensive travels concluded, work called and asked that I end my mini-retirement.


So, before I went back to work, I made a list of what I was going to miss from my summer.

Here it is- in no particular order of importance:

Being in my Pajamas till afternoon sometimes

Mornings on the deck

Long conversations with friends

Leisurely cooking

Mid day walks with Woody

Road Trips, Road Trips, Road Trips

Cousins, Family, Friends

Lack of plans and schedules except for planning the next adventure

Just being

Spending more time outdoors than inside


Yes there are stories to be shared and I’m hoping I can start to share with a bit more regularity.  So, check back from time to time and you might find one with a chuckle or two.



8 thoughts on “What a Summer

  1. Have been waiting (impatiently) for some of your wonderful adventures! Glad to have you back on your regular schedule so we may get a bit more news of your lovely summer!

    1. Thank you. You should know that your encouragement (along with a few others) has helped me to even contemplate getting back to writing/sharing some stories.

  2. Was so great to have you “home” even for a short time and looking forward to keeping up on what’s happening on here! Love your stories!! Love you more!!

  3. You are blessed, and we your friends are blessed that we get to share in your life. You are deeply loved, Sal my Gal. Plus, you’re Batman! Pretty damn cool

  4. Sounds like there’s a batman story to be told. I am always impressed with and enjoy the inserted art/photos/quotes.

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