Seattle time well spent

My last few days in Seattle were filled with moments that touched all senses.
Sunday, we spent time at the local farmer’s market in the Ballard area where fish, flowers, vegetables, and wonderful fresh fruit dominated the booths.   Rainier cherries abounded and were devoured.
We also visited the salmon fish ladders and boat locks and got to see the  smelt funneling back into the Puget Sound while boats were lifted and lowered to make the transition from the sound to the lakes.
Ballard Locks
The park nearby was having a free concert with amazing artists playing and singing for everyone’s enjoyment.  We claimed our own bit of green grass and sat and enjoyed the time watching folks dance and enjoy a beautiful day and awesome music.
Jazz band in BallardIn the evening, we went to yet another park where massive Cedar, Maple and Oak Trees dominated.  An old water tower with stairs leading up to a 360 degree view at the top was worth the climb.
space needle from the water tower
Mt. Rainier from the water tower
I have yet to find the words of how incredible Mt. Rainier is looming so near and so massive in relations to Seattle.  I’m accustom to 14,000 foot peaks, but mine are all viewed from a mountain perspective and not from sea level.  It is humbling at the very least.
Monday, I set off alone while my friends headed to work.
We researched which bus would take me to the Arboretum so I could take in the gardens there before the heat of the day set in.  Lets just say, that google doesn’t always get everything correct.  I was ticking off the stops as we passed the university and other recognizable landmarks when the bus pulled behind several other parked buses below a viaduct and the driver let me know that this was where I would be getting off as he doesn’t go any further.  Vague directions were given and I headed on foot in the general vicinity.
Google then gave me a walking map (to which it told me several times I was going in the wrong direction as I curved through a spiral staircase to the top of a walking bridge)
It led me across a cute old bridge atop one of the many canals and through a beautiful old neighborhood.  Suddenly, I was glad to have been dumped off of the bus and provided the opportunity to see the local area up close and personal.Montlake Bridge
The Arboretum was a lesson in the local flora and fauna and filled my senses with the smells of sweet aromas of the shrubs in bloom along exquisite paths that made a person want to roam all day.Arboretum flowers
Arboretum flowersArboretum flowersArboretum flowers
I did manage to tear myself away and headed to the Chihuly Museum where again I was truly amazed.  I walked through each exhibit in order and then thinking how I always see something different when I drive in an opposite direction, I turned around and viewed it once more heading last to first.  Gorgeous, amazing and inspiring. There was one room I especially loved where everything was displayed as the ceiling of the room and made a person feel as if they were snorkeling.  Sorry, Photos, just don’t do it justice.
sal iphone 069
I then headed to the Pike Place Market for more small shops with local wares, fish, food, fruit and vegetables.
I found a few spots after that to re-hydrate after the ten miles I had logged in on another beautiful clear sunny day in Seattle.
We finished off the day with incredible sushi at a very nice restaurant and a walk in the Sculpture Park along the water.  Sorry, no photos as we just were caught up in sharing the last evening and enjoying the sites, sounds and stories we continued to share.
 I had never been to the Pacific Northwest, so I had no real thoughts of what to expect.  I connected to the area and increased and strengthened the bond I had begun just months prior with my new friends.
Thank you Y and A for providing the opportunity and entertainment for another incredible adventure.
Love Sally
And to Seattle, the quote below comes to mind.
There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more. Lord Byron

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