Two Autumns

I got to thinking last night that six months ago I landed into my first days of autumn for 2015.  It was the benefits of landing “down under” in Australia.

How lucky am I that I have in this year, seen fall colors in Australia, Colorado, Tennessee and Georgia.


I Australia, there were beautiful purple flowering trees in the fall.

purple trees in australia

In Colorado, we have the John Deere fall colors of yellow aspens and green pines.

colorado fall colors

In Tennessee, the colors were just starting.

tennessee fall

And had I stayed a few more weeks in Georgia, the wedding photos could have included these colors.

georgia fall

I know it has been a lot of third season photos and talk lately, but really, can there be too much focus on beauty? Besides, this time of year seems so fragile and fleeting that it feels that more time should be focused on observing it.

Autumn is a second spring

Love Sally

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