Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all the goons, goblins and everyone else.

Halloween moon

I will admit that I am not necessarily a fan of Halloween.  I never really got it as to why people love it so much.

First of all, I don’t really much like chocolate and super sweet things. I know, that makes me a witch of some sort to not like the candy.

Second, I don’t like to dress up.  We are talking about the woman who was married in the mountains wearing hiking gear and not a wedding dress.

Third, I like my friends just as they are, so seeing them in a totally different persona is a little disturbing to me as well.

I grew up in a neighborhood that was rural and can only remember trick or treating a couple of times.  I have lived in my current neighborhood for 23 years and have never had a trick or treater come to our mountain home even once.

I did join friends and take the kids into the suburban neighborhoods of some other friends and let them trick or treat for several years. And that was cute.

This past week, #2 son went to the corn maze with his girlfriend and found both he and the scary farmer person at the maze were dressed alike. That too was cute in a somewhat disturbing way.

corn maze photo

Personally, I did something really scary today in observance of the day of the dead.  I cleaned out our chest freezer in the garage!  I’m pretty sure the bear was the last person to clean out that freezer, so it was it’s own little horror show.

Put things in proper placeAnd sure I organized it and it will stay that way. At least until the first person takes one of the baskets out to get to a lower basket and then moves something a half an inch resulting in nothing fitting together properly. The door then doesn’t close tightly and by morning I have two inches of frost buildup on the sides.

Why can’t they build the chest freezers like a tackle box?  you lift the lid, and trays pop up and everything can be seen and accessed?

tackle box

See, I can’t even stay on the subject of Halloween.

So, whatever scary thing you are up to tonight, have a grand time.

Love Sally

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