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It has been asked about my traveling without family since I have ventured to Mexico and a few other jaunts without them now.

Some of my family is more adventurous than others.  Barney would prefer to be within the distance of home so that if things don’t go well he can leave and be back in his own bed and have his own bathroom without much delay.  He is adventurous, but likes the comforts of home as well.

It was a peek into the future when three weeks into our month long trip through Europe on our honeymoon he turned to me and said “the Broncos are playing the Browns this weekend, do you want to cut the trip short and go back?”  He had had enough of not knowing what we were ordering off of the menus and only speaking English to me for a few days.  I managed to guilt him into staying and we had a great time but it was a harbinger of things to come.

He does not seem to mind me going now though and I know he would have never made it through the Mexico customs line.  He would have been back on the tarmac trying to get on the next plane back to home.

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Son#1 is more willing to enlarge the circle of travel than Barney depending upon whom he is traveling with and the climate he is going to.  His only response to when I asked him what he thought of my trip was that it was going to be hot.

Bam Bam will go anywhere with anyone who is paying.  He would have loved the Mexico trip and would love to join me on this one as well but both were in the school year and well, he has yet to pony up any funds to contribute. My stance is that if you want to go bad enough you will contribute to go.  He is also going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer so he will have a trip of his own soon.  He is providing effort to go to that one.  He also went to Ecuador two years ago as did Son #1.

When I asked Bam Bam what he thought of me going down under and doing the Raw Challenge, his response was that he would have done that with me as well. He just didn’t want to be  stuck in the children’s division.

I guess it is hard to be sixteen but want to do what those 18 and older get to do.

Wilma called just as I was leaving for work this morning and we were able to chat the entire drive in.  We are both getting excited.  She mentioned that she is learning more history about me than she had previously known.  I had to remind her that while it feels that we have known each other for 40 years, it really is more like 4.

very old friends

Wilma is also afraid I will embarrass her on the challenge since my training has fallen off a  bit while #1 was home.  Clearly she forgets that I will embarrass her no matter the strength and stamina or stage.

embarrassedFine, I’m off to lift some weights and do squats and a few planks.

Love Betty


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