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snowy evening

It is snowing to beat the band today!  Predictions are of one to three feet in our area.  Lovely spring snow that will soak the ground good for all the trees, shrubs and grass.

It also gets me thinking of weather on the other hemisphere and where to visit while I am there.  Wilma said that it was 90 degrees yesterday but that it has been cooling off for the most part and she was seeing people in coats and hats the other day.  She also said they tend to wear them at around 70 degrees.

On my must be seen list are:

Sydney Harbor – Maybe a Ferry ride or get across the bridge for a view from the other side.  You can do a bridge climb which I think would be fantastic, but I’ll save my pennies for some other things this trip as it is a bit pricey.



Sydney Opera House – Not sure if I will be able to get both day and night photos, but it is a must to see.

sydney opera house

The Royal Botanic Gardens: sounds like a beautiful area to see the flora and fauna of the local area.  It is free of charge and I should be able to get there via public transportation as with most of the things in Sydney on my own when Wilma is working.

royal botanic gardens


The Rocks: The write up says: Earning its name from the sandstone rocks that line Sydney Harbour, this neighborhood is as quaint as it is cool. What we mean is that its cobblestone streets and 19th-century buildings are oh-so charming, but the shops, pubs, restaurants, and galleries are very fun and very au courant. One TripAdvisor user says, “Don’t let the ‘oldness’ fool you though. The Rocks are filled with amazing restaurants (don’t miss Sake…best sushi in town) and cute little book stores to pastry shops.”

The Rocks


That’s a start for in the city.  I’ll check out more in a day or two.


3 thoughts on “Sites to See

  1. Yup all those things and more. Blue Mountains, Darling Harbour. Take the ferry from the opera house side over to Manly, that’s a good way to see the city from the other side. We will try to see the Rocks on the weekend as there is an open market Friday-Sunday, with vendors selling some interesting crafts, hand made items and goods. Too bad you can’t stay longer, time will fly

  2. Wish I was going with you. I’d even play in the mud with you and Wilma! Cause that’s where I would be! Take lots of pictures and I know you’ll have lots of great stories to tell at the next Mom’s Night!

    1. I’d love to have you along. You’ve proven to be a good travel companion and up for joining in most activities too. People might complain of excessive laughter on the plane ride though. Wilma’s daughter Pebbles is to take photos I think so there should be a few to make fun of.

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