Snowed In



Spring? Sure, spring snow, wet and heavy.

First morning shot

I awoke this morning to the couple feet of snow that was predicted.  I had already received the call that our mountain area schools were closed for our county.  I trudged out to the car stomping down some snow on my way and noticing that it was heavy and very pack-able.

snowy birdfeeder

I started the car and was able to drive forward about 4 feet and it seemed I might be able to make it out.  I had parked facing outward to ensure for best odds.  First try I made it about half way up.  I managed to back into the space and give it another try.  I made if farther and so I kept trying (shoveling is not an option for this gal).  The problem became that the more I packed the snow with the wheels, the more slick the surface became and pretty soon I was going sideways more than I was moving in a linear way.

My motto of living in the mountains is that if I can’t make it out with a 4 wheel drive vehicle, then I shouldn’t go.  The snow was above my bumper, so I was essentially plowing best I could with my poor Subaru.  I texted the photos to my work crew and said I wouldn’t be in any time soon.

still snowing

I soon had visions of all that could be accomplished with staying home.  I checked the computer for messages and browsed flights and hotel on the chance that I take a jaunt up to Brisbane while I’m in Australia.

Barney got up and soon after having some breakfast and coffee together the power went out.

All of a sudden, most of the plans went out the window.  Why is it that when you have electricity it doesn’t seem like there is anything you need it for to complete the tasks at hand and when you don’t have it, all you can think of is the next job on the list that needs power.

Snowy Deck

Barney went out and got the generator out of the shed and gassed it up. We soon had partial power.  Problem was, it didn’t go the the computer or the laundry room which were two places I needed to spend time at.

I contemplated finding the snow shoes and taking the puppy out for some much needed energy draining but Bam Bam took him out while he attempted to shovel the drive so motivation was gone and I moved onto other tasks.

The sun did come out this afternoon and diminished the snow level by a good amount but the weather service is calling for more tonight.  Oh, and we did get power by early afternoon so I was able to get a few things checked off the list.

It was a beautiful day, but not looking too much like spring today.

make spring

Wilma, I did manage some reps with weights, worked in some sumo squats, the push ups and thought about jumping rope (I’m sure that counts)

Love Betty

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