Small Victories

I had a friend text me first thing this morning wishing for wins for myself, Ted and Ohio State.

After a shaky day yesterday, it was good to see that Ted’s settings and stats were mainly unchanged this morning. The Dr tweaked a few things, but she really wanted him to not get to the unstable position he was in yesterday.

Friends came down and took me to lunch. My only requirement was for the spot to have the Ohio State game on TV as I knew I would be at about half time by the time we left for chow. The food was good, the game was not. Ohio State did not win, but time spent with my peeps is always a win.

I came back and they had decided to call the RT team and do another bronchoscopy today. They haven’t been getting much of any secretions from the suction tube that they push down into his lungs on a regular basis, but she was thinking that just maybe he has some in spots the tube is not reaching. They did the bronchoscopy and did find some sludge to suction and so she ordered another one for tomorrow again. She didn’t want to shake him up by flipping him as that was a bit excessive for his fragile system yesterday, but we will see if we need to turn him over and ‘shake the change out of the cushions tomorrow’.

His stats are stable again tonight as I get ready to leave, so I’ll count it wins for Ted and I and a big loss for Ohio State. I’d have preferred a three win day, but I am happy with two.

Have a good night.

Love, Sally

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