September 2023

The month began with another quick trip to the cabin for what would be the last “chillin” around the Colorado river for the year. I hadn’t planned for it, but when the peeps call and say they are going, then I surely try to join them.

I ran back from the cabin and loaded up the camp stuff and joined the camp crew for the last camping and tubing of the year. The mornings and evenings were chillier, but we still managed to soak in enough sun and warmth in the day time to float and savor the last of the season. We also explored a canyon that we all hadn’t checked out in many years.

While there, I was also getting information and possible changes on a trip later in the month to my Seattle squad.

As the month progressed, I was striving to get as much done as possible as my planned trip to Seattle toward the end of the month was beginning to look like it might be open ended until some logistics were worked out. The pieces of the puzzle that were not yet fitting was was that Yol’s and A were packing up the house and moving to Seoul, South Korea and her parents were headed to India for the winter. The house needed organized and readied for the movers which they were trying to schedule for the beginning of October. Also in the equation was that Yolekha’s dad Gus was having some health issues and they had not yet had enough tests to solve where the leading cause of his symptoms were coming from. Additional consideration was being given to which of their autos would go to San Francisco to be with her sister Lara and so would also be available to the parents when they came to the States to visit. I had offered to help with sorting the house (there was to be an air shipment of things they would need right away and an ocean shipment of the rest of the home that was going the slower route) and to help drive the car – either with one of them or alone – from Seattle to San Fran and then fly home from California instead of from Seattle. I booked a round trip flight knowing full well that I may not be using the return portion, but it was there in case they did send me home.

I arrived just as the results of some diagnostics came through for Gus and it had been determined that he had – at minimum – stage 3 stomach cancer. With a new shuffle of the deck, it was decided that Yols would accompany her parents back to India where their doctors were already scheduling follow up appointments and readying for treatment. She would navigate the details for assisting them in setting up the network of help, doctors and treatment timetables and I would stay along with her sister Lara and Adrian and help with the kids and the house sorting (the movers would actually pack everything) ferrying the kids to and from school and daycare and afterschool activities as needed.

I drove Yolekha, Gus and Maranna to the airport and sent them all across the world with hugs and hopes of seeing each one of them again sooner than later.

Our last day of September and the first weekend without Nana, Baba and Mama was spent at Remlinger Farms Pumpkin and amusement park with their community of friends. It was a fun outing for all.

We finished September, with lots of love, joy, and a decent share of anxiety and worry.


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