August 2023

August began with a few house projects that had creeped up while I was out galivanting all through July. The thistles in parts of our yard and in the field below us had gone bonkers this year. Devin and I spent a few weeks topping the flowers off of the plants and pulling the stalks in hopes of making a dent in what would come back next year. Gutters all of a sudden were needing put back together and sealed. Flowerbeds needed weeding. Stuff needed done, and with ten days in a row at home, I set to it.

The middle ten days of the month were spent in Yellowstone National Park where we got to see Grizzly Bears in fields, on dead buffalo, in streams. We watched a coyote limp through a field crisscrossing it with a badger always close behind. We speculated if the badger was stalking the limping coyote, or if they were pals that each just needed a little space between themselves. We later looked it up and found out that they are often companion hunters. Very interesting and cool to watch. We went to our favorite waterfalls, our favorite lookouts, did artsy projects at any moment, created our own post cards and had the best of times. You can read about other portions of the trip on a previous post:

Ok, so that wasn’t the coyote and badger that we saw, but it was just like that.

And when you have given it your all and have nothing left, you look like the photo below. 🤣 We were all both replenished and spent by our ten days in the park.

The rest of the month was more house and garden work.



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