Road trip Disclosure


Thursday I headed down to Albuquerque, NM.  It was about a 7 hour drive.  I have a bit of a tradition that was established two years ago that I have to play a particular CD as another memory of a good, safe and wonderful trip.

The CD is Due Voci.

due voci

How the tradition was started is this:  The boys and I were headed up to KS Ranch in central Wyoming where we were to pick up a cattle dog puppy.  Our old dog was getting blind and we felt it was time to get him his own helper.  A bit of investigation had informed us that there is a gene that cattle dogs can have that results in blindness.   These breeders test their breeding stock for the gene to make sure it is not getting passed along.  It was worth it for me to know that our next dog would not go blind.

We set off on the six hour drive with #2 son driving most of the time to get in his hours that he needed of highway driving for his learners permit.

My car has a radio and a CD player.  I don’t generally listen to CD’s in the car as I listen to one of the two stations that my radio gets.  I had it looked at a couple of times and there is something in the way the antenna is that doesn’t allow for anything but the two stations. (Oh, there might be the mariachi station as well that comes in crystal clear if you even just hold up a pie tin for reception.  Some day, someone will explain how that works)

As we drive out of the city of Denver, I realize that we are about to lose the only two stations I can rely on and we will have another 5-6 hours of driving.

We start looking in the pockets and under the seats to see if by chance there is a CD or two that might have been left by the hubby on another trip in my car as he is always prepared and has CD’s on his trips.

We locate the Due Voci CD.  I had purchased this CD after hearing one of the renditions while at work one day and found a Library CD for sale cheap so purchased it.  It is a collection of Dianne Warren songs that she originally wrote for the likes of Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Toni Braxton, LeAnn Rimes, Bon Jovi, etc. and reworked in a duet fashion.

So for the rest of the way to Casper where we were spending the night,  we listened to the CD.  These are mainly love songs to which Devin could equate a few of them to a Disney movie song track.  We ended up having so many conversations based upon this one CD which we let play and replay over and over again and again.

We picked up our cute little puppy the next day at the 250,000 acre cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere about forty five minutes up a clay road on a turn just after passing “Hell’s Half Acre”.

hells half acre


We hopped back into the car and drove the entire way back home with still just the one CD to play.  We laugh about it to this day and when we hear one of the songs either as recorded by the original artist or by the duet and we always comment to each other.  It could have been something that we all complained about the entire time or we could have even purchased another CD somewhere along the way, but for some reason we all continued to listen to the same one learning more words and making up new parts as we continued hearing it.

So that CD now gets played on every road trip I’ve taken of more than a few hours and each trip has been wonderful and so the tradition will continue.  I don’t play it the entire time  as we did on that Wyoming journey but I do play it at least once on each leg of the trip.  So be forewarned if you want to come out and head off for lands far away with me in my car, you will have to endure the CD at least once through.

I still do not get more than two stations on my radio but I have since hooked up my Sirius satellite radio and can tap into that for any selection wanted.

My trip to Albuquerque and back included the playing of the CD and it was a great and awesome trip.

More on the events there tomorrow maybe.

Love Sally



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