A Bet Collected


Last year when I had made friends with Erin at Sun Dance and then she had to leave, I contacted her and we began to email and text one another.  We found out early on that we were both football fans.

She is a die hard Indianapolis Colts fan and I of course love the Broncos and well, we now have her beloved Peyton Manning so I could brag about that.

We decided that we should wager a bet on the Colts vs Broncos game that was held 09/07/14.  The wager was that the loser had to have their photo taken in the winners jersey so that it could be used as the default photo on the winners phone.

colts vs broncos



Problem was, Erin of course didn’t have a Bronco Jersey and  there was no provision on when the photo had to be taken.

Solution?  I finally go visit and take a jersey and the bet is paid.

sally iphone 025

This year the Broncos play the Colts in Indy on 11/08/15.  We shall see what the bet will be this year.

Oh and fun fact about my friend Erin. Her birthday is the same day as my mother’s.  I might have a chance at remembering that one.

Thanks for settling up on the bet. I love that photo on my phone now.

Love Sally

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  1. Hugs, my friend! So glad we got to spend time with you. Even though it meant I had to wear that jersey briefly! Yes, we shall see what the next bet will be…

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