June 2023

We ended May with the corn hole tournament and then I was again sick for a few days. Meanwhile, as I kept to my bed and slept for the better part of two days, occasionally I would be alert enough to notice banging outside the house. I’ll tell you a secret. If you are lucky enough to have my sister and her hubby stay with you for more that a day or two, and you innocently leave a list of projects lying around, then, whether you are up and about or not, those projects have already begun to be crossed off as completed. They had helped prep for the cornhole tournament with some extra sprucing that I wasn’t sure about tackling on my own before the party, but now they were onto the meaty parts of what needed addressed. I had sections of soffits that Ted had removed for some reason or another that I hadn’t tackled the replacement of, as I just wanted the extra mental input along with the hands and muscle. The front porch had also been stripped of most of it’s siding and needed replaced to spruce up the front look a bit. We had another big party planned for my friends retirement party (my house, yard and parking availability lend itself to bigger parties than theirs), so we now had a deadline for the bigger projects. Hey, my peeps are use to our disheveled look, but we were hoping to put on a better face for the collection of guest to be coming to the retirement party. Siding was pulled from stashes in the yard (under tarp from salvage of when the neighbors removed same style cedar siding from their house) and from newer pieces purchased for some project in our garage. Lucky for me, TC and Roger had cleared out and organized the garage on their extended stay last year and it was easy to find – mostly.

We took a break one day to drive down to eastern Colorado to where my cousin John had moved to, as Tc and Roger had not seen the new Berger ranch. It wasn’t just John who moved out farther east of Denver then they once were. Victoria and her crew were within sight of Johns house and Valerie and her family were just five minutes away, so we headed down to see all the family. Even Luke came out with his two kids. It was a beautiful day and fun to see all of the Littles that are now a part of their crew (I think that they had 10 grandkids under 5 at the time). Watching the dynamics of all of those cousins together made me wonder if that is what the Hively clan cousins were like when we all got together for reunions. So fun to be around and even a better time to leave behind when everyone was ready to crash from play, sugar, excitement and a long visit. And that was as true for the seniors as it was for the littles.

The retirement party went off without a hitch despite the rain and cooler temps of the day. We must have done a decent job of it as one of the guests asked if she could host her family reunion at our house in the event that they had bad weather. I politely thanked her for the lovely complement and dropped the subject.

My nephew Ian arrived in the wee hours of the morning on the 17th and so we had a day together for everyone to catch up before TC and Roger left for Utah to see one of our cousins there and Ian and I headed to go camping with our standard camping crew plus Devin, Riley and Mollie for a few days. We floated, played games, ate, drank, laughed, hiked and on one Jeep trip with Jeff, the boys even got to see a bear. Oh, and we had a beaver den just on the other side of the river we were camped at and saw him several times and had an osprey perch in a nearby tree until he swooped down and caught a fish in the river and then showed it off by circling several times above us. Ian, Devin, Mollie, and Rich also fished, although, I think the osprey caught the biggest one.

Upon returning from the always fun camp trip, I had tasked Ian with finding me a gun safe to put into the house. To get a safe, we would need the truck and I had been having issues with the truck stalling under a load going uphill the last time I had hauled wood. I had since changed the air filter and it seemed to run ok now, but I hadn’t fully tested it. So, when he found a safe in Arvada (just down the hill a spell), we drove the truck to the gas station as a test. The truck never hesitated on our little test run, so we put in some gas and ventured onward to check out the safe. Ian haggled some, I paid, and we loaded it onto my dolly and next to the truck. I was to get inside the bed of the truck and direct it from above while Ian and the dude we purchased it from, lifted it onto the bed. I was fully unprepared for the speed and weight of the monster as they shoved it in my direction. I was knocked backwards and suddenly in the need of ninja moves so that the behemoth would not land fully upon me. I jumped a little and torqued my right knee so that the handle of the dolly landed between my legs and I was saved from any crushing blows. I got up, they pushed it the rest of the way in and I figured it was just another injury that I could walk off and be fine in no time.

Ian and I got into the truck and started our way back to the house and as soon as we hit the foothills, the truck bogged and stalled. We had just past the frontage road exit, so we were committed to trying to limp our way up to the next exit and evaluate our options. The gas filter was the next possible option for the symptoms were were having, so after 40 minutes of going in sections of a few hundred yards and then having to rest, we made it to the exit. Ian looked under the truck and decided that if we could get another fuel filter, he could replace it there. The auto part stores in Evergreen were already closed for the day, but we found the part in Golden, so I called Devin to come and fetch me so that we could swap out the filter. I also called Jeff and Traci to see if they could bring their truck if needed because I didn’t want to leave the safe in the back of the truck should we have to abandon it for the night. With just a handful of tools that we scrounged from the truck, Ian had the filter pulled and replaced in no time. Jeff and Traci came with the truck for backup in case anything else went awry and we headed up the frontage road. We were cruising along nicely and feeling great that all had been taken care of when just before the final rise to the buffalo exit, the truck once more bogged down. Once more limping our way to the top of the hill and just having mostly downhill stretches from there to home, we decided to forge onward. We made it all the way through Evergreen and around the lake and were headed the final two mile stretch when the truck died and would not restart. Our thoughts at that point were that we may as well tow it home and unload the safe and then the truck is home and we can decide what to do next. So, with Jeff and Traci in front with the tow rope and Devin following behind as a safe car, we made the final few miles home and coasted it backwards down the drive so that we could take the safe out closest to the entrance to the house. It wasn’t easy or simple, but everything was at the house.

The next day, I awoke to a knee that I could barely walk on. My neighbor provided a knee brace and with stabilization, I was good to go. Couple of days with that and all seemed fine.

We again met up with the camping crowd to celebrate Mol’s birthday and hang out one more time together at Prost Brewery in Denver. Then Devin, Ian and I went out east so that Ian could see cousin John and also check out one of the biggest John Deere collectors in the state. This guy has barns and barns of tractors each of which he can tell you the serial number of, where it was made and how he came to own it. It was very impressive. Then to top it off, he had an entire shop of miniatures that he has refurbished. Good tractor fun.

Ian left Colorado and by the end of the same week, he again had parts of the Colorado Camp crew again hanging out with him albeit this time at the pond with the Ohio crew.

Yes, July will start at the pond.

Love Sally

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