July 2023

This T-shirt I recently saw at the Denver Stock Show would likely best represent a good summation of July. In case it is hard to read, it says, “She’s Sunshine mixed with a Little Hurricane”

As was referenced in the June page, July began again this year at the family farm in Ohio. We were minus two of our Colorado Framily as their flight was cancelled and couldn’t be rescheduled in time. To say that they were unhappy about missing a second year of fourth of July activities at the pond would be a massive understatement.
What they missed this year was breaking in the newly added porch at the cabin at the pond: Amazing food where every meal is consumed in the camaraderie of the various friends, family or neighbors who happen to show up for any particular meal. Float time. Play time – washers, cards, cornhole, and this year, Shelby brought a badminton set and we found ourselves playing like a bunch of twelve year old’s (until my knee reminded me that I had torqued it with that whole safe escapade and was forced to retire from that activity). They missed the home made ice cream that was cranked out by Duke and Shana’s contraption of an antique John Deere hit and miss motor (actual terminology according to my brother) with a belt and pully system to a 5 gallon Ice Cream maker. So yummy and fun to watch. There was Big Uncle John taking his dad’s tractor for a spin and Devin taking one of the antique tractors to and from pond as well. The fireworks were stunning once again. Sunset cruises on the party barge (daytime ones too, but sunset ones feel extra special) And of coarse there is the 24/7 fire with chimney logs to keep our attention until the wee hours of the morning. Great times.

We flew home the night of the fourth and it was fun to see the fireworks going off all around Lake Erie as we left at dusk.

I was home long enough to swap travel bags and head to Ft. Collins to where Galen’s best friend was getting married. I think all weddings end up having one main memory or talking point about them and I will always remember this one for it’s punctuality. Dustin is a planner and it held true to his form. It was lovely and the quick stay also afforded Judy and I a brief meet up with the kids old youth pastor to reacquaint ourselves to the paths everyone’s life had taken.

Wedding festivities over, I once again came home, did laundry and packed up for a trip to Albuquerque to stay with Jas and play with Kai while Rohan was out of town on business. Cooing, smiling, almost rolling over and lots of floor time made for a beautiful stay.

I made it back from ALB and got busy getting everything ready for a camp trip with my peeps to Silverjack reservoir,  a beautiful, remote lake located in the Uncompahgre National Forest. We left a few days later, but not without another incident with the truck – fuel pump had been replaced after Ian’s trip here but now it would seem the starter had failed as now you could only start it with the drop of the clutch. There was also an unidentified incident between Galen and Ciara that neither was talking about except to acknowledge that something went down. Knowing I couldn’t fix either situation, off to camping we went.

This camp spot is easily one of the most remote spots that we frequent. It is 40-50 minutes to the main highway where a pie shop resides as part of a gas and super small convenient store. Over the years we have tried all of their pies and couldn’t say a bad word about any of them. Cell service is farther away than the pie shop most days and in the other directions from the camp spot, you can rise up over your choice of passes and descend the other side and that too is over an hour to obtain cell reception. With statuesque mountains all around, a lake in the middle, it jaw dropping gorgeous on any given day. We took the kayaks and got to explore the lake a couple of the days we were there. We used the Paton’s jeep to explore the various passes and up a road to an ever so elusive waterfalls that we always struggle to find, yet somehow manage to locate sooner or later. One morning, we heard some cracking of wood and each of us gals wondered which of the guys was up and splitting or breaking wood for later fires. Traci was venturing over to the bathroom and on her way, checking out where the sound was coming from. Turns out, a good sized brown bear was cracking open logs and looking for grubs. The bear was only about 50 feet from where Martha was still waking up in her tent. She opened the window on that side, saw the bear and decided to exit the tent and join us watching at a slightly farther distance. I have to say it was really refreshing to see a bear in the campground but doing what bears are meant to do and not going through someone’s left out cooler or food bin.

As we left the campsites and ventured back into civilization, and started to receive cellular service, my phone erupted with urgent messages from everyone to contact Galen. It would seem that whatever the previous issue was had taken another turn and they had now split and Galen was beside himself. I’ll likely never know the entire story, but we rallied some friends to go down and help move his things out of their condo and back in our home. It was heartbreaking to watch and to experience another loss.

We finished the move just in time to have Shelby and Cole come up for a visit. We were lucky to host them for a few days in which we did a little Evergreen brewery hop through several of our local brew pubs plus a stop at the infamous Little Bear Saloon. The next day we took the Mount Evans (now Mt. Blue Sky) drive to the top parking lot and hiked the final few hundred yards to the peak. Having Cole and Shelby was a very good distraction from the most recent event and likely kept me from the non-stop questions that circled my mind.

After Shelby and Cole left, I got a call from Lucia to come up to the cabin for a few days. Knowing I had better give Galen some space to settle in a bit more, I loaded the kayaks back up and joined her. We explored different lakes on different days and she was my sounding board as we paddled and talked and talked and paddled. Nature and friends and family were the keys to a good month.

July was a full month.



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