January 2023

2023 marked a year that if someone called, asked, or a life event happened, due to my leaving work in mid 2022 and barring terrible expense, I was able pick up and go where I was internally or externally called to be.

January was marked with the passing of my wonderful Auntie Greta. You might have read about her on the post: https://www.thelaughyouknow.com/my-auntie-greta/

I was able to go back to Ohio for her service and it was a very joy filled time. It was great to see everyone at the service – one thing about services, you really do get to see some of the family that you normally wouldn’t get time for with a normal visit and it is an intimate space to see and experience other people’s relationship with the deceased as they open up to what that person meant to them. We laughed, we cried, we ate great food that my talented cousin provided through her catering company. Most of the food was Greta’s favorites and it all was perfect and delicious. We also had time at my oldest brother’s home for some family time with the other side of the family with games, more food and more laughs.

Back in Colorado, I finished up the month with friends and a little jaunt to Breckenridge for the annual ice/snow sculpture competition. Teams from all over the world come in to carve out amazing designs, themes or just playful art in a week long endeavor and then the public gets to walk around and vote for their favorites. It was enjoyable, entertaining and prompted nice discussion of what we liked and why.

It’s a different feeling to view art that took a team of people so much planning and intense time in executing the plan, knowing full well that mother nature would be the one to decide how long their art would last beyond the memories and photos taken to commemorate. I think it takes brave souls to put that much into something so finite. I applaud them all.


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