2023: An Intimate Year

For Several years, at the beginning of a year, I would sit and quiet my mind and heart and allow a word to settle upon me that I would keep in my focus for the upcoming year. As an example, one year it was “curious”. So, as often as I could throughout each day of that year, I would remind myself to be curious. I tried to be curious about why something was the way it was, curious about my emotions, curious about art and curious about why something wasn’t working as I thought it should. Thinking back, that was a good year and it has served me well beyond that singular year – although I likely could benefit to going back to having that sticky note as a daily reminder.

I haven’t done the ‘word of the year’ for myself these past few years since Ted’s death, but I have been thinking about it again. Maybe after recollecting the events of 2023, I can sit down and once more allow a word to fall into my psyche that will direct and provide good stories for 2024. I can say that with 2023 in the rear view mirror, if I had to assign a word for last year, I would say the word for it would be ‘Intimate’. In the next several posts, I will attempt to put the answer to the question of why is that the word of choice.



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