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As I am sitting at the gate waiting for my next trip to begin, I feel the pressure to finish sharing the last bits of last weekends trip.

Part of the reason that #2 son wanted to go to Alburquerque was to see many of the locations where the Breaking Bad show was filmed.

Hubby and son would watch it together on Netflix after I would head of to my slumber.  – since I rise a few hours prior to them, I also turn in earlier.

so here are some of the sites we saw. I think they referred to this hotel as the crystal palace.
crystal meth hotel

The place that is normally called Java Joes was Tuco’s office in the show.  We got a tea and s’mores fudge block from our visit. Without explosions. (Show reference)Java Joes aka tukos headquarters

Below are the Heisenberg look a likes. (Hubby and son in case it has been so long that you don’t recognize them)


walt look alikes

We went into old town Alb and found the Candy Lady who make the famous candy version of Walt’s blue Meth. (I continually kept forgetting and referring to it as crack to sons displeasure)

candy lady meth

Jessie’s House was a drive by.jessie house


Pretty sure we found Heisenburg as there is keen resemblance.

Heiserman found

Walt’s house was also a drive by and this is not the actual photo we took. Turns out the folks that purchased it are none too happy about the frequency of folks stopping by to catch a veiw of the somewhat famous home.

The new owners were sittin in the garage with the goor open and giving all the onlookers who came by the evil stink eye.

walts house

There were more stops and much more fun as we drove around town.

we even ate at one of the local spots that the characters would visit.


Good times.  Sure there is more, but plane is loading.

love Sally

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