unfinished procrastinating

Going to be a short note today as the blog I have to write to complete the stories from last weekend’s travel adventures will require more time than I have at the moment.

Those awful taxes that I waited until the last minute to file the extension on in April? Yep due today.  The victory signal can rise because I did get them completed and Efiled last night!  I know, I had hours to spare!

no limits what can be done

Now I have the quarterly sales tax for the business that must be completed by the 20th, but I am headed out of town again this weekend for a wedding and will not return until the 20th.  Even by my standards, that is cutting it too close to leave until I get back, so it must be done tonight or tomorrow.


So look forward to the “Breaking Bad” or maybe “Breaking Dad” blog tomorrow – or the next day – if I get distracted by something shiny and don’t get the quarterly’s done today.

always something for tomorrow

Love Sally




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