A Sweet Day

It was nice to get up this morning and not saddle up to the computer first thing. I managed some laundry, ran the dishwasher that I thought I had started last night, but obviously neglected to hit the start button, and made some banana bread with the bananas that we didn’t get finished before they lost all of their yellow color. It made two loaves so that I could take one for the son of the friend I was having lunch with today who loves banana bread.

I arrived at the hospital to find Ted a bit bloated around the neck and collar bone. Last night a small clot had developed at the end of his trach and since the ventilator is constantly pushing air into his system and it was being restricted, the air got in under his skin and into the tissues. They were able to remove the clot relatively quickly and haven’t had any issues since.

They had taken off the paralytic yesterday and today have started to cut back on some of the sedation meds. He now kinda opens his eyes slightly and blinks every now and then, but is still mostly sleeping. They tried dropping his breaths per minute and the O2, but his blood gasses were not great after an hour, so they kicked the O2 back up and left the slower breathing in place.

Ohio State filled our room with cheers – all mine – but it was nice to cheer for the both of us.

One of my Gal Pals came and we went to lunch. She also brought her famous one bite oatmeal cookies – one big bag for the ICU staff taking care of Ted and one for me with some mementos from Utah (the trip that they took that was to have us with them).

Ted was still pretty steady when I got back, so I pulled my recliner next to his bed and took a little nap. It wasn’t the afternoon snuggle that I would have preferred, but it was a much needed snooze and he wasn’t setting off alarms constantly, so it was sweet time.

Some of our other friends then swung by the hospital with more cookies. A few peanut butter cinnamon delights and a few cayenne chocolate chip cookies.

All in all, a sweet day.

Hope tomorrow trends toward the better again.

Love Sally

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