Trach Completed Successfully

Ted came through the tracheotomy surgery this morning without issues. They did have to bump his oxygen levels back up to 70%, but no one felt that was a big step backward since his body did undergo some stress of the surgery and being put under even more than he was. His vitals have been steady since, and now that he should be more comfortable, they have started turning off the paralytic. They are still keeping the sedation high, but this is the next step in the process.

If he cannot manage it, they can always start up the paralytic once more. The hospital case manager came by and said that once he is weened from all of the paralytic and sedation meds, he will then be transferred to a long term acute medical center. We’ll have to see how he does getting weened first though.

Ted’s segment of the rounds with a Kermit the Frog reference. She said that now that she looks at his chart, she thinks of the Kermit episode where he has amnesia and goes into an advertising agency and when asked his name, he says Fill. Phillip Fill. But we was reading it from a poster that read: “Fill ER UP”. I loved that she was getting personal about him, as personal care is almost always better care. I also loved that she wasn’t too uptight and could share that funny little story with the entire staff on rounds – and today, there was 8 of them!

I guess we didn’t watch much Muppets, as I had to google the episode and had no recall at all.

I am tired and feeling a bit crappy from the booster jab yesteray, so I hope the brevity of this message is ok.

Until tomorrow.

Love Sally

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