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Tuesdays with MorrieIf you’ve ever read Mitch Albom’s “Tuesday”s with Morrie” you know that it is a book about Mitch spending every Tuesday for fourteen weeks with his old professor from college who was dying.I think he writes it in such a way that if you had a “Morrie” in your life that it serves to remind you how precious that time is.

It is a book with wisdom and beautiful conversations between the two of them. I related to this, as I was lucky to have had someone that I had similar conversations with. Oh, not every week as they did in the book, but it was every break in college and every time visiting my home after moving away. I would call and time would always be granted to sit down and share where my life was and delve into the bigger meaning of things.

My Morrie always pressed for not what my surface feelings were but what were the currents that ran deep that stirred up those surface tides.

I would sometimes feel as though I had been operated on after a visit with wounds exposed that I hadn’t realized were there. Roommates would wonder why I would want to have hard questions asked like that, but for me, it was the genuine interest in what mattered to me and the guidance to let me see the bigger picture that made me feel cared for.

This book rang so true for me that I probably cried for two weeks at just the thought that I could one day loose that person who in my life provided guidance and spoke of life in concepts of how we deal with one another. She is the person who is as I once wrote to her, “my mentor, my guru, my friend”.
It’s been quite a few years since I have read it and still I find myself choked up at the thought. Unfortunately, so hard was it to fathom losing my connection that I think I subconsciously stopped communication for several years to insulate those raw emotions.
I’ve realized that it is a rare thing to get a person to ourselves for any extended time. So many times there are groups to get together, couples, teams and families. Sure we know each other’s families and the stories of coworkers and friends but mainly it has just been a dialog between the two of us. We all get some one on one time with friends but to have that special one that is set aside not fully intertwined with everyone else allows an honesty more closely associated with confession. Or therapy.
I’ve contacted my “Morrie” and conveyed my thanks as I now realize that those words that we think are out there and don’t need to be spoken, do indeed need to be conveyed.

nothing haunts us like what we don't say

Say thanks to your Morrie today.

Love Sally

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