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For the blog, I could not in a short period of time figure out how to create a new page and leave the old ones, so I just changed the page and title.  Hopefully I can go back and figure that out but for now I have selected a photo that my friend sent to me when she visited New Orleans.  It strikes nearly every chord with me.  I believe whole-heartedly in the saying.  I love that it is painted on a public wall as I do believe we should share our stories.  It is not centered in the space it is painted on and that too is a reminder that we mustn’t be perfect in the placement of our thoughts, it is the putting it out there that matters.  There is also some sort of signature scribbled across it as a reminder that people will want to write on our un-centered thoughts too but if the content is good it will shine through.

So onto my next trip we go.  In ten days I leave for Tennessee.


The itinerary is currently changing as the original reason for the trip has been canceled or maybe it was always meant to be this way.

meant to be

I was meaning to go support my cousin in a personal prayerful ceremony taught by and performed in the strictest of Lakota Indian tradition.  I will save that story for another day.

Instead I will visit a friend whom my cousin had invited to another occasion that we both attended and have since forged a pretty incredible friendship.  It is this person that inadvertently got me to this writing that you see.

There are several stories and I hope you’ll stick with me to show you how they unfolded.

Love Betty



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