Lucky Me

There are the traditional good luck charms like finding a shiny penny or a four leaf clover.  I have found my share of both.  (Actually, I might have found lots of peoples shares of the four leaf clovers)  sometimes goodluck is gross

Today I was reminded of a little talked about good luck event.  The one that says when a bird poops on you or your car, it is good luck.

pidgeon lessons

Several years back, while camping with friends and family, in the midst of making children answer trivia questions in order to get a marshmallow to cook for their s’mores, a  bird flew over and dropped a bomb on me.  I quit trying to educate the young mind while providing sugar to their overactive bodies after that. Call that good luck for the children on that event.

Today, I was exhausted at lunch and so instead of a walk, I drove to the little park I sometimes go to and tilted the seat back, opened the passenger window halfway and took a nap.

When I awoke, there was bird poop inside my car!  What kind of party happened while I was snoozing? It’s not like I had crackers or Cheetos or anything on the dashboard.  I didn’t buy birdseed and spill it recently. (I can’t say that has never happened as my car has hauled all kinds of things and who can remember?)


who did that to my car

I almost thought I should look in the mirror to see if I had been so sound asleep that they had done a Disney braid with flowers in my hair or some other ruse.

That was my story for today.  Can’t make this stuff up.

Love Sally


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