Looking for a good Listen


not as plannedAfter posting Mary’s guest post last night I had full intention of posting my response to it today.  After a not so good day, I have opted to give it another day so that I approach it with a better mood and mindset.  The generosity of her post deserves a reply set from the same attitude.

Instead I am taking my thoughts from the days events to thinking of transporting my mind while the rest of me is transporting on a 15 hour flight.  I’m looking into what audio books are available to download from our library that I can just put my headphones on and close my eyes and listen away the hours.



I’m sure there will be movies on the plane, but I was reminded recently that a really great narrative read aloud is a wonderful thing and I’m out to find a few to download.

If you have any suggestions please pass them along.

Love betty


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  1. While not exactly a story, Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburnt Country is his usual sort of funny travelogue on Australia so it seems appropriate.
    All the Light We Cannot See is a lovely, moving novel of a young girl’s complicated life in occupied and war torn France.

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