Let the Texting Begin


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After Jasmine had gone home, we found time to talk and text over the next couple of weeks and then she was off to the Pacific Northwest US to visit Oregon and Washington State to check out schools.

She had just finished a course – from the Boulder contact – learning Ayurveda methods of natural healing and was looking to branch out and learn more.

She would send me beautiful photos as she went along.

Jas photo 1


Jas photo 2


Jas Photo 3


We were keeping in touch and sharing random thoughts and some of our days.  It was verification that we were still thinking of one another and willing to continue sharing our stories.

Then one evening as I was watching Ohio State play football, she sent me the photo without text or explanation. Just the photo:

Knife and two feathers

So, I reply: “Am I to create my own story to go with that photo?”

“yes”, she responds and then sends:


and says, “And I’ll tell u the one that goes with this.”

I was sick with a cold, so I said I would email it at some point as I didn’t think I could text an entire story.  I also knew I wasn’t going to get to it just then.

My mind played with a few ideas that night, but once I slept on it, I realized that I already knew the story and just had to put it down.

You’ll get to see it tomorrow.

Love Sally



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