It’s Cold, getting a Cold

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Shrub at the Rubble house encapsulated in Icy Snow



It’s been chilly, no COLD.  It was six degrees when I got home last night.  There has been snow – just a little – every day it seems for a week now.  The effects have been gorgeous on the shrubs and trees as it creates this fairy world landscape where things are covered seemingly each needle and branch on it’s own in a glittering  crystalline coating of magic.

Beautiful Pine by the drive
Beautiful Pine by the drive

Wilma wants me to circuit train on my walks, but I still don’t feel like it is wise to try too much until there is dry surface beneath my feet.  I actually did jog for just a bit today where the sun had baked off the ice and snow in one area.  Here’s what I determined from that little experiment:

First, I should stretch my achilles tendon for several days as I could feel the twinge of it and I had an issue with it a few years back when Wilma signed me up for tennis lessons with her.  (wait – I feel there is a pattern I might have been missing here)

Secondly, I should empty my pockets of the coat I grab out of the car as it had so much stuff and with my keys banging against the rest it sounded like I was our janitor from back in high school clinking and clanking all the way down the hall.

Suffice it to say that I did not keep the jogging up for very long.

Last night I started sneezing and not just a couple of sneezes. It felt like hundreds.  Today I have been taking all of the “take at the onset of a cold” remedies to kill it before it decides to be a full-on cough/fever/achy feeling cold.

I came home and built a fire and was about to put a cup of water in the microwave to make a cup of tea and the voice of my ayurvedic friend came into my head and said “Don’t you dare microwave that to make some healthy tea.  Get out a pan and the Tumeric and Ginger and Lemon and Raw Honey and make it like I told you”

Cold remedy TeaSo there you go Missy, I made a fantastic and soothing cup of tea and sat by the fire and felt better.

Wilma, My Fitbit says I did a total of 3.5 miles today. I did the squats, the presses, the upright rows, and a couple of planks.  Thanks for your comments on my posts, it’s fun to see what you respond with.

Love Betty


2 thoughts on “It’s Cold, getting a Cold

  1. Okay, I never said to do interval training on icy areas (unless you get those tred things for your shoes, then you might be okay). But you probably won’t do the challenge if you break a bone, so I guess you should err on the side of caution. And you should have sorted that Achilles issue out a few years ago, now you’re going to have to sort it out ASAP. The photos are nice, especially the first one – very artsy you are. Take extra vitamin C every day to offset the cold symptoms, and drink green tea every day along side of the whiskey. Glad that you’re not letting your sort-of cold hold you back. And just to verify, does your fit it allow you to add steps when you wave your arm around while sitting down?? Some of those devices do it, I’ve seen people do it to reach their “goal” and you know that I’m thinking “WTF???”

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