Happy New Year

Welcome 2016! Happy New Year everyone.

happy new year

Last year I had written about the end of the year to a friend and had lamented on 2014 ending and what great energy it had and I seriously did not want it to end. I was sad as the year rolled over as I felt destined to take steps back and couldn’t see what could be around the next corner.

Who would have thought that 2015 would be exponentially better? I certainly didn’t and can now testify the power of being open to new experiences and having it backed with the belief that those around you believe you can do something even before you do.

start each day with the thought of something wonderfulThis year, I count a million blessings that this year has provided for me. I traveled, wrote, played, shared, connected with old friends and enjoyed the current ones and deepened the newer ones. My family supported all of my adventures. Then I fell into the mode for just a bit again of thinking that it was perhaps a year that couldn’t be topped. I was again stuck on looking in the end of year review mirror until a dear friend assured me what I already feel – that 2016 will be even more remarkable.

So let me remind you that it is a new slate and so many amazing things are going to happen for all of us that take the good out of every day and leave the bad behind.

one ought every dayI won’t say bad things won’t happen, that my heart won’t weep or that there will not be ugly moments – after all, there have been those in this amazing year as well.  I’m just saying that we often get what we expect, so expect the best year yet!




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    1. Thanks Anita, And thanks for creating the impetus for an awesome trip to Australia last year. Part of my great adventures and incredible memories. Love you.

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