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Last year on the same dates I am currently scheduled to go to Australia, I was fortunate enough to be invited on another epic trip.  It was to an island off of the coast of Mexico called Isla Mujeres.

A good friend with twin daughters who were both currently living on the island invited me to travel with her down for a visit.  One of the girls had married a local and the other was staying and working on the island after working in Costa Rica for some time.

We flew into Cancun, Mx and went straight to the ferry and over to the Island.

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We stayed in a small hotel on the beach with a pool that only had something like 17 rooms.  It was the east side of the island so I could peak at the sunrise – if I wasn’t already up – without even getting out of bed. Below is the view from our balcony.

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I hadn’t spent much time with this friend over the past 20 years but had always stayed in touch if we saw each other in the grocery or at the town events we would both find ourselves at.  She had at one time worked with Barney and I and she is the biggest reason we moved to where we are now in the mountains. That is another story.

The island was just my kind of place. There are many people who live on the island and while it lives off of the tourism, it has retained a local feel.  I had found someone’s blog on the wondrous food on the island.  He was a food critic from Philadelphia and I could tell by the way he wrote and described the delectables  that I probably could trust his recommendations.

With my translators with me, I was able to pretty much taste my way around the island.  English is not always spoken everywhere on the island so I was well cared for by having that crew around me.

More on this trip tomorrow.  It was last night with son 1 so that took priority. Pray for safe travels for him driving across country tomorrow ans Sat.

Love Betty



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