Fun and Sun

Yesterday we slept in. Or at least we think we did. Our phones keep changing times so we are never totally sure what time it is. It doesn’t much matter since everything is on island time anyway and has its own flow.


We headed to north beach which is just around the edge from our hotel to do some snorkeling. Dev had been skeptical about the endeavor but once he got his face in the clear blue water and saw the myriad of schools of fish, he was hooked. We swam until we were prunes and decided it was time for a meal.


We could have been happy sitting at our table on Hildago street watching (and making fun sometimes) of people all day but we had asked Lalo to get us a golf cart so we could visit the south end of the Island and eat at some of my favorite spots down in that region.

Lalo had another job to help out with, so Dev, Syd, her pup Chiquita and I took off in the cart.


Devin drove with Chaquita as a lookout and backseat driver.

We made it to the south portion of the island just as the sun was setting over Cancun.

image image

We had our dinner midway Down the island at Baseball tacos. It may sound pedestrian and in looks it very much is, but these are some of the best tacos you can ever get.  They have sauces and fixings that are simply awesome.  I was full after two, Syd also had two, Dev had two and then two more and all that with drinks was only $12.00 for the three of us.

Cannot beat that. Or the day

Love from Isla Mujeres


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