February Company

I can’t quite fathom that February is in it’s final week! It has been quite the month for us with company and plans occupying nearly every day thus far.

That might seem overwhelming, but it has been the opposite.  We have had more time just spent in fun and fellowship than I can remember happening at our house in quite some time.

As most of you know, my hubby is pretty non-stop with the home projects. Previously, I was proud of him when he took Christmas Day completely off from working on anything and spending it wholly with the family.

SO imagine my bliss when the friends from Seattle, who have been on sabbatical for the past 8 months, showed up for eight days and said spouse didn’t work on any projects for their entire visit!   Hubby had not yet met these friends, so I had no idea how the visit would go except to know that I of course would love having then around.

IT’s been a year of noticing miracles for me and this one is about as amazing as they come.

There was one project that was worked on during the visit. It was one that requires a little elbow grease and creativity and a notion was conceived to have our guests help in his one project so that they would then be a permanent part of our home.

We can joke that we outsourced one job to India.

we also made it to the Little Bear Saloon to see an old favorite band.

Add visits to Red Rocks, mountains, garden of the gods, Boulder and Denver and it was an awesome time.


4 thoughts on “February Company

  1. What was the one project that your guests got to help with? I never realized how much ,Sally, you look like Teresa. At first glance my reaction was that she was visiting also.

    1. N, This is Yolekha not Jas. she is childhood good friend of Jas’s husband that I met at their wedding. One of those times of meeting someone and recognizing that they are on a great journey in life and you ask to be thrown a thread now and then to follow and instead they weave you right into their narrative

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