Eclipsed by the Experience

Here we are, a week removed from the big celestial event.  An occasion marked with plans and stories of people and how some had the forethought to calculate their travel and stays to coincide with being in the best possible viewing spots(only to have the hotel realize they had undersold the room by 100 fold and cancel their prime reservation) while others seemed to be surprised and throwing a last minute  strategy to beat the hordes of similar seekers to the prime viewing path that was foretold.

Here is Colorado, we were just hours (on a normal day) from the path of totality.  The normal hours did not apply for that weekend as while Wyoming is known for wide open spaces, there are really only  a handful of highways that lead to those vast spaces and for one weekend they were completely jammed inwards for a few days and hours up to the eclipse.  One friend said that you could have run the Boston Marathon on the opposing lanes that day and never used any cones to guard from traffic.

Of course there was  then complete congestion as everyone exited.   At least they had hours to recount the two and a half minutes plus of complete eclipse and wonder about the spectacle.

Eclipse photo by Jasmine
Arrival Eclipse photo by Jasmine

I was not one of the fortunate that was able to steal away and get up to the totality region.  Another co-worker had requested it first and I had just returned from time away, so knowing I would get first hand accounts from many, I set to see what a 92% eclipse was to be at my location.

The moon began it’s journey just before my lunch hour and I was able to don the glasses every few minutes and track the path just by leaning accross my desk and looking out the window.

As the time drew closer and I began my lunch hour, I decided to head to the greenbelt space near the office and sit by the stream there and observe just how the wildness of nature near me would participate, pause or experience such a phenomena.

As I sat near the water noticing the drop in temperature, I began to hear the chirps and buzz of the bugs and critters mostly heard at dusk.

I noticed there were waves of light going up the leaves of the tall grasses near me to both sides of me.  I sit hear often and have never noticed this phenomena and since it was not directional, was a bit curious about it.  I cannot be sure if it was associated with the celestial event or my heightened awareness of the moment.  I have not had the opportunity to return to the exact spot and make a comparison as of yet.

I was also able to view the projection of the eclipse as seen through the leaves on the trees around me.

I cannot quite fathom what it was like for those lucky souls who personally got to experience the totality, but I feel truly blessed with my own personal experience and the beauty I was able to observe just being close to home.

I’d love to hear what you did if you have time to share.





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