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For those who don’t know, I am a customer service escalation manager.  That means I generally don’t speak to the customer until they are so screaming mad that words are barely recognizable.


funny when angryMost aren’t really too bad as sometimes they just need a second person to tell their troubles to again.

Many have such bigger issues elsewhere in their lives and the issue with their order feels as though it is the one thing that has gone bad that they can maybe exert control over.  A good listener and understanding heart is all that customer really needs.

just need someone to listenSome need to listen to their own questions before calling someone else to complain about the issue.  Example: Customer: “Yes, I would like to complain that no one told me I would need outlets in my room”  Me: “Sir, you ordered POWER recliners, where exactly did you think the power was coming from?”

no stupit questionSometimes we have to request photos, because it just doesn’t add up.

plugged inFor me, it is generally rewarding to be able to help people with the issues they are experiencing with their order.  I find that when they know you have actually heard their frustration and are addressing that – and the frustration is not always the same as the called about issue – then the complaining person becomes the thankful person and the outcome is manageable on both ends.

There are those who would bleed your soul to make themselves feel better for a perceived wrong they felt or did endure and those are the hard ones for me.  The ones that feel if they inflict enough pain, theirs will go away.

how is your day

Mostly, I can enjoy my job.  I work with a good team and do get to hear a great story from my customers from time to time.  And I love a good story.

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