When it won’t quit snowing

They predicted it would snow in the Rockies this weekend. And it has.
It started Friday night and by Saturday morning we had a good start and the ground was covered.

Spring snow early am 04.16And then by noon we had some more.

spring snow noon 04.16There is something calming to me about a good snow storm.  Expectations get lowered on what is expected from you since you can’t (or shouldn’t) leave, you don’t have satelite (covered in too much snow or falling too heavily – I don’t care enough to clean it off to see which it is), and the world is quiet when you go out.

It is calming and almost meditative until the person you’re married to decides he needs to check the crawl space and finds there has been a small leak in the pipe coming in from the well.  Soggy boxes and old carpets start flying out (the very carpets intended to keep the stored items off the moisture of the ground that have now soaked the drips up heartily).  I can be grateful that he discovered the drip and more didn’t get damaged as the pipe gave way when he was moving things around it and what was just a drip, was now a full on break in the line.  Gone was the quiet and the water as the latter had to be turned off.

We have done our share of plumbing in the house. We, meaning Ted, with me occasionally handing items to be fluxed and soldered to him or running to the hardware for the one missing piece that hasn’t been accumulated in the 900 other trips in the project we call home.  So, of course, we are only missing one item needed to make the repair.

By this time, there is more snow.

spring snow 5pm 04.16

The truck is unearthed. Galen has shoveled the driveway once, so it isn’t too very high, but our road has yet to see a plow so the truck is most likely the only vehicle with high enough clearance to make it to the main road.

The trek to Home Depot is slow, and even though I am nearly the only non paid person in the entire store, it takes me nearly as long there to find the part as it did to drive on the single plowed lane of the two lane highway going there (if it was standard, we would have had it in our stockpiles at home).  Three employees who also don’t know where to find the exact size and style of the piece I need stop by before the actual plumbing guru shows up and gets me enough pieces to make what we need.

The handy husband fixes the pipe and by bedtime he can take a shower and wash off all the crawl space crud he has accumulated.

Darkness falls, but so does more snow.

nightime spring snow 04.16By morning, it is beautiful and yet a bit overwhelming as well.  It is a realization that had this been rain, we would be flooding.

morning of spring snow 04.17The deck chairs on the other side are filled with snow forms of guests of the crystal flake variety.

spring snow morning 04.17

The boys are out shoveling so that when we uncover the cars, we can make our way to work and what they are saying will be another beautiful week of spring weather.

Name the car in the snowBonus if you can figure out what cars are parked in our drive.

I am hoping more of what last week’s walks held in store for beauty instead of this snow.

flowering tree from lunch walkOh, and prom was postponed from last night to Tuesday.  When was the last time you heard of them changing prom!

Love Sally


3 thoughts on “When it won’t quit snowing

  1. Heard of all the snow on the news. Wondered if you were on the receiving end. Thanks for your update with pictures! Definitely makes me happy we are on the receiving end of an early warm spring. It is beautiful outside…. sun shining, daffodils blooming. Just hope it is not too early. This is only April.

  2. There is a lovely dichotomy in this sort of snow storm–a feeling of isolation and yet a silent sense of community. (It is too bad the former had to be broken by faulty plumbing.) Now about this drive to work: is it absolutely necessary?

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