Watching the Signs


one world cafe

If you’ve read most of the posts prior then you know I have a penchant for missing the real physical signs that are placed in front of me.  Last Monday though as I was making the turn at the bottom of the lake in our little mountain community, I noticed the chalkboard sign in the cafe in the end building second floor.

It read:Chalkboard don't die


I smiled and thought it was perfect as I had just had my first day of the four day journaling course which had me thinking of expressing myself.

Tuesday, I got up and took the puppy out for his morning relief and sat on one of the deck chairs and just enjoyed the morning.  The elk were passing through and there is what we fondly call a gang of magpies that have been hanging around – always six of them – that I watched hang around each other with minor mayhem.

I was meant to start something for the blog that day and was meant to do the day two writing exercise but that dawn drew me into it and I did none of my activities.  As I drove past the cafe I notice the chalkboard once more and today it read:

Chalkboard-Nobodys perfect

Another good smile as I just realized I need not fret and indeed no one was expecting me to be perfect.  I’ll get around to the tasks sometime.

Wednesday, I was reading some of the shared posts from some of the other women participating in the writing exercises and their feedback and was so impressed by the openness and honesty with which they were sharing.  Thinking about it so much as I started out for work, that I missed looking at the chalkboard sign.

Lucky for me, I have my good friend that drives right by and works at the bank just buildings from the cafe.  I called to see if I could catch her.  Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t answer or ever charge that cell phone that she uses! (Yep, that’s me throwing you under the bus Beth).  So I sent her a Facebook message hoping she would at least see that and check the blackboard for me.  At this point, it is a bit of an experiment for me and I really must know what it says.

She messages back a bit later that the board reads:

Chalkboard-shown the light

Okay, I like it.  Not sure how that feeds into the week at this point directly, but it’s a good one.  Maybe that sign was a precursor to me seeing the “Sacha’s Light” story come about.

Thursday’s was something about all being welcome who might be visiting for a concert nearby.  Unfortunately, there are some bands with groupies so avid that some establishments are not so welcoming.  I was happy to see they not only make great food, but they have open hearts.

Friday I went in thinking about asking for help or assistance.  As I passed by, I saw:

Chalkboard-open your hand


It was a good week to read the physical signs.

Love Sally

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