The Majestic Blue Mountains


We had gone up to the Blue Mountains last Sunday but it was so socked in with clouds and rain that we couldn’t see anything.  Today was just the opposite.  It was a perfect fall day with plenty of sunshine and just a nip of chill in the air.

The blue mountains are a massive expanse of National Park space filled with hiking trails, waterfalls, cliffs. buttes and escarpments. It is a eucalyptus forest and jungle-like when you are in it.

We first stopped at the Hydro Majestic Hotel that has a long and storied history and has just gone through renovations.  It would be a beautiful place to stay or go have high tea in the dining area overlooking the mountains and valley below.


We the went through the town of Katoomba to the viewing area of the rock formation that is called “The Three Sisters”. Since I walk every week at our park of the same name, I knew I had to come here.



We popped into the visitor center to ask which waterfalls would be best to visit on our limited time schedule and she recommended two.  Off to Govetts Leap we went.





We took a trail that said it provided another view of the falls.  It actually took us over it so we could see the water feeding the falls.


It was a beautiful hike and the pathway and stairs along the route we well kept.


We then headed over to Wentworth falls. The lookout point there.


Then a hike down to the viewing area of the falls. The lighting for photos was not the best, but hopefully you can grasp its wonder.

The length of the falls that could be viewed were not even the totality of it’s drop but we did not have the time to hike further.   This area had stairs cut into the cliff  on the other side of the falls dating from the early 1900’s that you could take.  I will put it onto the list of things to do next time I get to Australia.

Awesome day. Thank you Wilma for taking me and for our fun times.  We had some good laughs while on the trails today.

Love Betty

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  1. I guess we’ll all know now that if we see a place called “3 Sisters” we should go check it out-it’s bound to be beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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