The best kind of morning



I awoke this morning at 4 am and texted a bit with Wilma before going back to bed. My early mornings are her late nights, so it is often the best time as neither of us are in the middle of our day or activity.

When I did roll out of bed a few hours later, I took the dogs out and discovered it was one of those gorgeous full spring-time days.  I made some coffee and put on a jacket and sat out on the deck to welcome the day.

stellar jay2red wing blackbird







The sun was just making it’s way to my spot on the deck, and birds were calling in all directions.  The trill, the chirp, the call, the singing of blessings were all around as I could hear the Stellar Jay to my left and the Red Wing Blackbirds down by the pond that is nearby.




magpieblack bird







The Magpies were chasing each other and doing their chippy calls. There was the caws of the crows or ravens that were chasing a larger bird from the tree that probably held a nest.  I keep google-ing the differences between the ravens and crows from time to time but I never seem to recall for the next time so that I can correctly differentiate.









The Chickadee’s chirped and scooted in a branch in the tree nearby and the beautiful bluebird perched on the wire fence surrounding Barney’s lower fruit garden.

I had already heard the Canadian Geese honk as they flew over and down near the creek was something that sounded more like something out of a tropical jungle instead of a coniferous mountain zone.  I could also hear the tap, tap, stutter-tap of a woodpecker or flicker on a tree or neighbors house nearby.

We don’t have any buds showing on the trees yet at our elevation but they are coming out in Denver, so we aren’t too far behind.  A spring morning to be sure and such a great relaxing morning at that.

Yes Wilma, the relaxing morning means I did not work out this AM.  The cacophonous serenade of my feathered friends was as good for my body today as any workout might have been.  I will be back at it tomorrow.


Love Betty

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  1. Beautiful blue sky and birds and coffee – you are right, the best kind of morning. You better keep at the training and not slack off, it’s only about 5 more weeks till showdown

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