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Awesome Morning Hike

It’s been a chilly week and it snowed the prior night, but I had no doubt I would still get my hike in yesterday with my good friend.  The temperature gauge might read cold, but it never fails to be better when we get to our beloved Three Sisters Park.  Be it the scenery, the camaraderie or just magic, this is a walk that just makes me feel better even if I start out in a great mood.

The snow and cold had created beautiful crystals on the blades of grass looking like fuzzy antennae on the snowy landscape.

crystals on grass

As we traipsed through the trees, we  couldn’t help but stop and appreciate the shadows and sun-kissed branches.


The trees were still frosted and coated in snow and every turn gave a different view of our familiar winter wonderland.

sal iphone 019

The shrubs tried to see if they could hold as much snow as the trees.  And I started to play with my filters.


3 sisters hike

Woody was ecstatic that it was a slow day and he could be let off the leash in the secluded areas.  He still wants to pose anytime the camera is out – and he does a fine pose too!

Woody on a snowy hike

More shrubs, more filters.

snow covered bushes

Gorgeous views.

great views at three sisters park

The Alderfer Homestead in the background.

3 sisters homestead

And then as we were walking the last little bit, I saw this patch of crystallized snow and was amazed at how it looked like a snow geode.

snow geode

People can read about our cold and snow and figure it is not their cup of tea, but until you are here and get to enjoy it for yourself, you will never know for sure.

Love Sally

A Stand In for the Hike

My weekly hiking partner has taken the weekend off to tour the Colorado Mountains and view the changing of the aspen trees with her hubby.

Colorado Aspens

She thinks this might be an added camping spot for the group of us that like to camp together.

new CO camp spot

And this is just proof of another gorgeous day in Colorado.

gorgeous coloradoWhile she was viewing the rest of Colorado, Woody was still wanting his hike here in Evergreen, so I enlisted #2 son to join the pup and I.

Unicycling the dog

To my amazement, he made the entire loop on the Unicycle.  I’ve seen two wheeled bikers struggle in some of the areas that he maneuvered flawlessly.

Unicycle trails riding

And of course, we weren’t lacking for beauty either.

Three sisters parkWelcome Fall.

Love Sally


All in the Way you Look at It


see things differently

On my Sunday weekly walk, we walked for probably an entire year and would go past this one tree that rose up by two boulders and thought nothing of it.  It was fairly straight and beautiful and by itself.straight tree


One day, we happened to turn around and look at the tree from the opposite direction.  It was not growing straight up at all.  It was an illusion from our normal view.

a tree through struggles

The tree was almost at a 45 degree angle when we looked at it from the side.  I can imagine it starting out growing in that boulder and as it rooted itself and grew stronger and older it split that boulder in two and now the rock that caused it to struggle and grow in a crooked way is now actually providing support for the weight that pulls on it to one side.

We were astonished that we could have walked by it so many times and not seen the results of the struggles it had been through.

everyone a tree


And so to my forest of friends and family…..  Oh, nevermind,  I was about to get sappy.  (good grief, I can hear some of you groan from here. Can’t a gal throw in a pun every now and then?) (besides, you should all know that I love you just how you are by now)

Love Betty

The Power of the Walk


Beginning Three Sisters

Once a week, a friend, my puppy and I meet in a small parking lot at the edge of a park named Three Sisters.  It is generally morning when we pull into the parking lot, but not always.  As luck would have it, we are in a state where weather is seldom a factor although we have gone in the snow and wind and after a rain.

It is a beautiful area with many trails that can add mileage, elevation and difficulty to the hike, but us two ladies always take the same route.

Three Sisters

Every week, we meet and give the kind of hug that is strong, enveloping and let’s each person know we deeply care.  We then set out on the hike and while walking discuss the current week’s events in our lives.  If one has had a troubling week, the other may not even share their experiences, just providing an understanding ear, gentle feedback or the probing question when needed.

lay down and listen

Most times it is just the everyday stuff.  That stuff that makes up the majority of everyone’s lives that we forget to share because there is a television on or a radio program or some other method of distraction.  A short 40 minutes later – or so, we are back in the parking lot where it can sometimes take another 20 minutes just to finish a story or discussion.

Once more, a wonderful hug is given and each is headed home until the next Sunday hike.girls hugging

You could speculate that on the really cold or windy or overcast days that we would skip this endeavor since it is such a simple thing.  To do so would underestimate the power of the walk.

To comprehend this power, you must understand that it is the beauty and serenity of the surroundings, the comradery of an understanding friend, the physical release of exertion and the knowing that The Walk will always provide a surprise.  All of those features combine into a powerful force that is not to be missed.

be the kind of woman


Thank you my friend for walking every week without fail.


Wilma, I have my workout room back so I’m hoping to get in more reps than I’ve been doing lately.  How are your workouts going?

Love Betty