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Mary wrote some very kind words about me on a post the other day.  Some of it is very true. I did introduce myself to her the when our children were in kindergarten.   My thought was to get to know a mom more my age since most of the others standing out there were probably in kindergarten when I graduated from high school.  Purely a strategic move that has paid off in spades.

It was in first grade that the boys started Cub Scouts and we went to the “join” meeting and were put into a group of six or seven and told to find a den leader.  It was Mary who stepped up.  The curious thing about our den is that it was the mom’s that brought their boys to scout meetings and events as our husbands couldn’t/didn’t/or whatever. We did have one dad that put up with our gaggle for the entire time and he was a great trooper.

While Mary conducted the meetings with our young lads, the rest of us were getting to know one another in the back of the room.  Mary soon let us know that if we wanted a social time that we should all perhaps get together at a different venue that wasn’t disruptive to the meetings – and that she could join in.

Thus the Mom’s Group was formed.  To this day, we still have the same core group that all started as Cub Scout Moms – with a few additions along the way. We owe Mary for starting our wonderful group.

We started meeting at restaurants for a night out but that didn’t always work out the best. We’ve been asked to leave establishments due to the excessive laughter as we share stories that are personal, embarrassing and when you tell them to your most loved friends, it is realized just how absurd and gut busting funny they are.

pick you up after laughing

Mary got her alter ego name not from replying to my blogs, but from a day skiing in which she rented skis that had the name Mary written on them.  All day long when she would do something daffy, I would say that must be Mary coming out.  It is just one of those things that stuck with us.

Mary is also one of those friends that has a built-in decoder devise that gives her the powers to understand what I am meaning even when it doesn’t correspond to what I am saying.  I can say I’m thinking of a person/band/movie/etc. and with little or incoherent information she can know who or what I am talking about.  On the times that I am so disjointed in my information that she can’t figure out what I am saying or texting, she doesn’t even pause to hound me or give me a ‘what for’, she just moves on and knows we will figure it out eventually.

I am truly blessed for the friends that I have.  Some have been there sharing their lives with me for decades and some are newer, but all are valued.

once in a lifetime friends

Half of any experience is in the sharing of it at the time or later with those who will understand and enjoy the stories.  Thanks to all for sharing this adventure with me through this new medium.

Love Betty



Skiing like kids



copper mid mountain


copper upper mountain





I recently went skiing with a friend that I started skiing with 29 years ago.  We ski better than we did then but take fewer chances.  We reminisced of the time we had been skiing so much and wanted to challenge ourselves that we took one ski off and went down the bunny hill on one ski and then switched and did the other ski.  Yes, I said bunny hill.  We were trying for something new, not to kill ourselves.







This week I did some of the moguls by myself as her knees won’t allow it any longer and truth be told I did not do all that many as runs with moguls as it was a little crusty from the warm weather and when you finally get time with a great friend, you don’t want to give any of it up for anything.



It was a great day and reminder of how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful state with some of the best skiing in the world and to have friends to share it with who know all of my good, bad and indifferent and still love me for all that I am and am not.

Wilma,  It was rainy so I didn’t get in much of a walk but I did 30 burpees, pushups and jump squats just to get me ready for that insane pyramid workout.  If you recall, Jane did say I could take a day and recoup a bit.

Love Betty,