Stone Age Women with a Goal


For now, I am going to refer to my friend and I as Wilma and Betty – two married women sharing their stories and in this case their workouts together.  Based on height alone, my friend in Australia would be Wilma and I would be Betty.

For those of you who know us, our names are already in your hearts.  For those who stumble upon the blog, it doesn’t really matter if we are Wilma and Betty or Ginger and Mary Ann.  If you want to refer to us as a trait, we are “the look” and “the laugh”.  She has no filter on her facial reactions and my laugh is equally uncontrollable.  If you know someone that you can tell exactly what she is thinking by her facial expression, multiply that by 10 and you have Wilma.  Her “are you kidding me?” or “what the heck” looks can make people crumble but if you’ve ever gotten the “you’ve made my day” look then you’ve seen the abundance of the good side as well.

Being so very new to this whole experience it is a bit like visiting a nude beach because it is the only spot you can see a specific portion of a dramatic coastline.  Do you risk standing out because you want to keep your clothes on, or risk actually having strangers see more of you than you ever thought?

My workouts so far have been: squats, pushups, upright rows, shoulder press and some interval walk/run.  We have had snow all week, so I’m keeping my mileage in walk time only.  Don’t need to break a hip.

I do have some kind of rotator cuff pain in my shoulder, so if you know of exercises that would help or some that I need to stay away from as it would aggravate it, then please let me know.

So while I am chilling out in snow and freezing temps ( minus 3 when I left for work one day this week), Wilma texted that they had the hottest day in 11 yrs for March 1 in Sydney with 98 degrees.


You cannot plough a field by 
turning it over in your mind.

Author Unknown

I wanted to end the post with a little inspiration and the one above is exactly what I need to remind myself of as I can lay in a warm bed and think through an entire workout just hoping that the mental workout I am doing will suffice the bodily one that is tempting to skip.

Off to do squats.



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