Starting the Lists and Who Will Fill In?



I awoke this morning and all of a sudden realized I have been talking about this trip for a month and a half and I have no idea what I am packing.  Somewhere in my mind it was the job of getting there that needed tackled and not what I will need to take with me.

travel light

Some friends came over for some coffee/tea and we had some breakfast and they started the list for the plane ride with me.

Have I said that the main leg of the plane journey is 15hr. 15 min. long?  That is alot of time to read, think, solve puzzles, listen to music and hopefully sleep.

And who knows, maybe a story or two comes out of it.

Speaking of stories, I may need a guest blogger or two to fill in for a day or so.  Who among you will take up the torch and jot something down to be posted in my stead?  It need not be long, or about anything in particular.  Maybe you have a story of a trip that could be shared.

No worries that you would have to figure out how to get it onto the blog. You can just email and I will copy and paste it to a page. (are you properly impressed that I set up my own email to go with my persona? I’m learning all kinds of things these days – oh, I tested it and it works too!)

I’m still hoping Wilma will add a post in one of these days, but so far her frequent comments is all that she has been comfortable with posting.  And Wilma, that is okay and your comments are appreciated.

guest blogger

Give it some thought and if you think about it more than once or it tugs at your heart or mind, just do it.  I did and so can you. Some of you are well more qualified than I am anyway.

I’m off to figure out where some of my travel supplies are and what I need to pick up this week.

travel without fear

Love Betty





3 thoughts on “Starting the Lists and Who Will Fill In?

  1. Bring clothes for warm and cool weather, it was hideously rainy and cold today. Small umbrella is a good idea. Can’t believe you leave in a week. If you have one, bring a change purse, some of the coins are heavy, we have $1, $2 and $0.50 coins. I’ll let you know if I can throw together a guest post. My reticence is due to a lack of time, rather than fear. Tabata, girlfriend, just do it

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