Spring in the Rockies

Spring in Colorado.  Chicks, prom, snow, budding trees, tulips, snow, rain.

We have a new batch of chicks.  Five little Black Australorps.  Nothing can make if feel like spring like babies chirping in the house.

Black Australorp chicks

Yes, they are in the house.  The days and nights are still too extreme to subject them to the vastness of the chicken coop. Besides, it is just too cute to not watch them a bit each day while they are fluffy and the chirps are sweet.

An example of our weather: This weekend we planted some seedlings of flowers indoors so we can get them in planters in the greenhouse soon.  There is a graduation gathering at the end of May to prepare for and trying to have flowers in show form when we can actually still have frost and snow at that later date is a struggle.

Plant in the warm sunshine one afternoon, wake to a different kind of beauty this morning.

spring snow in the rockies

Sun, Snow, Sun, Rain, Snow, Sun Fifty degree changes in temperature in a twenty four hour period.  That is our spring weather in the mountains in Evergreen.

In the spring

Spring is also marked by Prom for anyone with high school upper class students.

When #1 son went to prom, he provided one week’s notice to us. We headed to the thrift and found a tux coat and cumberbun from one store, pants and blue tux shirt from another as he stated the date’s dress was the blue of a jelly bean.  I’m sure I rolled my eyes so far that I was dizzy for a spell, but low and behold, it was the exact match to her dress.  We also found a white tux shirt (backup in case) at another store along with new patent leather shoes.  Total cost of tux – less than the black bow tie we could not find and had to purchase new at the men’s store.

This year, #2 son provided a ten day notice that he was planning on attending prom.  Lucky for all of us, we still have tux from a few years ago and so this weekend was the fitting.

Devin in Tux

Dev in Tux

Dapper enough for this mom.

Happy Spring everyone,

Love Sally


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