Sad days

It’s such a sad time. My dear cousin’s son has died. He was 21 and we all thought his road would be a long one with lots of pit stops and amazing highlights. Instead his truck hit a guard rail, flipped into the creek below and he was killed.

I won’t claim to have known Adam well as I haven’t been back to Ohio all that often, but each time I was back at the farm, my cousin was there and so was Adam. The last time was for my nephew Ian and Kattie’s wedding. Adam was going nonstop getting orders barked at him from all directions and never ever dropping his head wishing for the orders to stop. He just jumped up and did the task. Frankly, I was amazed for I would have railed against such constant demands when I was that age. Adam gave me the impression that he knew that by just being around the projects and duties of the farm, he was learning skills and got to share in ideas that others go away to learn. He observed his dad and my brother work side by side for years each knowing the next step of the other without words being passed. He mimicked their arguments in a way that he got the love that underlies it all.  To hear is sisters side, he learned how to then bark orders quite well himself once he was back home where he often took command.

That pic for me is was how Adam was for me, funny, goofy, in the middle of it all.

To me, Adam had a smile with eyes that sparkled when he did. Sometimes, I would catch him hanging around and he would have this grin, like he knew the joke before the rest of us even spoke.

The saying goes that we “lost” someone dear. But what I know to be true, is that in taking away his physical body, the rest of us will find where Adam remains. You see, energy cannot be destroyed, and Adam worked on so many projects, tractors, helped out in so many ways, put energy into so many things, that those who spent any time with him will likely now find him everywhere.

I know you will be missed Adam, but it is memories and the energies of what we did that get left behind, so thank you for leaving so much at the farm and pond and home for everyone to have forever.

To all the Michael and Tomlinson families, you are in my heart, prayers and tears.

love you all,


6 thoughts on “Sad days

  1. Beautifully written!!! Xoxo we are all truly blessed to have know Adam! He will definitely be missed!! And I know when the gang gathers we will feel his spirit in everything we do!!

  2. Oh, Sal, I hope Henry and Lori are able to read this–or that someone will print it out for them. In the new world that they will have to live in now, they will need to know that other people are going to hold on to their son, too. And you have shown everyone a way to do so in this beautifully written tribute.

  3. A wonderful tribute. I personally did not know Adam but know some that did. I met Henry through the township. I know Adam was a wonderful giving and loving young man. He will be missed very much by many. But his spirit will be with all that knew and loved him. My prayers for all for the days ahead .
    May God comfort and strengthen all. Many prayers for his parents and family.

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