Royal Botanical Gardens

Today I took the train from Wilma’s suburb into Sydney.  The trains are quiet, clean and on time.  I took it all the way to Sydney harbor and from there walked over to the Royal Botanical Gardens.



The gardens are vast and beautiful. 


They provide another angle for viewing the opera house and bridge.  There is a governors mansion on the property and the large white macaws can be seen and heard everywhere.






There were some plants and herbs that were familiar but mostly it was a day of learning and appreciating the botanicals unfamiliar until now.




I saw a huge spider and while trying to get closer for a photo opportunity, I got myself caught in another web.  I immediately had a flash of everyone telling me how many deadly spiders there are in this country and jumped out of that vicinity while brushing off my arms and shoulder of any possible passengers that might have landed on me.  No external screaming was involved.  


After completing the gardens, I headed toward the Darling Harbor area on foot.  I stopped in a building with a food court that I could see masses of people eating a hot noodle bowl.  There were many places, but the line for the bowls was the longest but moving very fast.  

I tapped into the Wi-Fi and googled to find the foodies of Sydney love the place for the Laksa soup.


It is a full flavored, spicy noodle soup with meat of choice.  I had beef and loved it.

I took the ferry back to Circular Quay where I grabbed the train back to the burbs.


Great day.  Love Betty

2 thoughts on “Royal Botanical Gardens

  1. Were you screaming your head off internally? BTW – that spider is creepy. Glad you are sharing your adventures with us!

  2. You didn’t yell “FIGJAM” when you were clear of the spider? Bee-you-tee-flu gardens! Thanks for sharing!

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