Remembered in a mug


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I went to grab a mug for my coffee on the deck this weekend and there in the front was a mug we had purchased in Barcelona twenty five years ago on our honeymoon. Wow, we must have used lots of mugs this week as that one is usually in the very back of the cupboard and doesn’t often make it to the front.

Our cupboard is not full of expensive fine china.  Instead as I looked at the mugs, I realized it is full of memories.

There is the Barcelona Mug from our honeymoon in Europe.  The only coffee style that we purchased.  All other drinking vessels were of the stein category.

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Then there are the Super Bowl mugs from the Bronco’s wins in 1997 and 1998 .

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I have a lovely mug that was given to me by Bam Bam one Mother’s day with a plant in it.

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And there are the Coca Cola mugs that we found at a small Firehouse Museum in four different designs.  I don’t recall why they were selling them, but it was a fun find.  We purchased four and our friends we were camping with that weekend in the mountains nearby purchased a few others.  They are nice big mugs and a nice reminder of a fun time.

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Being selective of the one that goes out on the deck where it could possibly be knocked over by a curios puppy when I’m not looking and broken, I choose an old mug that we didn’t even purchase.

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I pick it up and think of Louis Canfield.  It is his mug really.  He was a patron at the restaurant that I worked at when I first moved out here.  Very nice man who liked to sit at the bar, but did not drink.  An avid fisherman and woodworker.  One of us at the restaurant purchased the fishing mug for him so that he would have his own mug on his nearly daily visits.  He made me a oak set of two end tables and a coffee table.  He gifted them to me as he did many things to all of us. I still have one or two of the pieces.

When the establishment shut it’s doors, I ended up with the mug so that if we ever saw Louis again, we could give it back.  That was 1990 and I have never seen him again.

It amazes me that I can remember his name each time I use the cup as my memory is sketchy at best.  It is proof positive that kindness is a lasting memory.

It make me wonder if there are any items out there that remind someone of me long after our acquaintance was lost.  It is a good goal I think to try to be remembered fondly.kindness

Wilma, I lost my workout room when #1 son came home.  I did pushups and triceps dips and walked 3.7 miles total today.  Dang kids were on the playground, so I didn’t get the monkey bars in and I only got one set of the triceps dips in as there was a couple on one of the benches I use along the pathway.  One of these days I going to use the monkey bars with the kids there to get their reaction and ask the couple on the bench to shimmy over and give me a little room to do my workout and see what they say as well.  That might make for great blogging.  Heading down to hang from the chin up bar a couple times.

Love Betty

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  1. You are and will be remembered fondly. Don’t think it will be coffee cups that remind me of you though 🙂

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