Raw Challenge 2015

How this insanity began, is a couple short days ago, my friend in Australia posted that she is signing up for the Raw Challenge Race in Sydney.  She is 52 so this is a pretty cool thing to do, so of course I chime in that I would happily do it with her but cannot afford the plane ticket and leave it at that.

A couple days go by and I text her that I am happy that she has made some close enough friends over there to train and do this race with.  – She is over there with her two girls and husband helping with the care of her father in law.  She replies that no, she has not made friends of that nature yet and is training alone.  I offer up the encouragement that maybe the training and race will bring to her a new friend.

And then, before I can stop myself, I offer up the idea that I could train with her albeit from half way around the world, opposite hemisphere and 18 hour difference.  She replies that then I need to get on a plane and also come over.  I assure her that I will absolutely do so if I can finagle a ticket from somewhere as I’m not thinking my husband has this on the spending radar for approval, but in the meantime, she will have someone to share the pain of training with.



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