RAW Challenge 2015 obstacles in review

Carve the Curve
Apex Rope climb
Apex Rope Climb






March 11, 2015

In the Climbing category:  The Apex Rope Climb and the Carve the Curve

I’ll group these two together as they are both up and over a wall and the reality is that I either make it or I get almost to the top and the feet go out from underneath me, there is a thwack of my body slamming the wall and the slow slink of my descend to the bottom where inevitably I laugh so hard at my crazy try that I ……. Oh never mind.

In the Balance category are the Lily Pads

Lily Pads
Lily Pads

Lets see, big rubber runways over a mud moat. If I don’t slip, trip and can stay in the middle, I can do this one.

And in the Hanging category are the: Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars
Monkey Bars

As it so happens, part way through my walk at lunch today I stopped by the playground at the local park and tried the monkey bars.  I seem to have lost nearly all of my grip over the years.  I made it to about the third bar today.  I have a feeling I could be slogging through the mud on this one.  Time to regain some grip strength.

Wilma,  I’m exhausted today from being out late last night for the game and another trying day of work.  I did walk a little over 2 miles at lunch again today, tried the monkey bars, and I plan on doing my squats, planks and weight exercises, but can’t guarantee I won’t fall asleep when I get on the floor for the planks.

Love Betty


4 thoughts on “RAW Challenge 2015 obstacles in review

  1. You didn’t tell me you updated, I was getting a bit nervous. Thank goodness I looked for the update – what are you doing to me???Although GI Jane is out of town, having a good time, she’s still pressuring me to complete some type of form….not really sure what she’s talking about…I think we need gloves to assist with the grip. I’m having a glass of wine to offset the upcoming struggles as well as my daily struggles . You need to keep up the pace, Betty. No slackers allowed. Cheers

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