Packing for the changing Seasons


Heading out for the Sunday walk today only served to remind me that I am leaving the season transitioning between winter and summer to go to the one transitioning between summer and winter.

Today started with rain and turned into big and beautiful snow flakes.

New snow

new snow 2







It will be 70 degrees by midweek.

I’m thinking that Sydney won’t be quite as volatile or have the same temperature fluctuation that we have here at elevation, but it is still a changing season and as such makes me wonder how hot or cold to pack for.  From the 10 day forecast it looks to be uppers in the 70’s and lowers in the 50’s and kinda rainy lately.

Currently the Raw Challenge race on Saturday has a 90 percent chance of rain.  Expecting to be coated in mud anyway, so I’ll just consider it a shower between obstacles.

Who knows, on those tall wall climbs, maybe we can feign a middle age girls mud wrestling fight, roll to the other side and pop up like we made it over and onto the next obstacle.

Holy cow.  Being use to googling images for sections of my blog, I made the mistake of checking out the photos that came up for women’s mud wrestling.  Yikes, some things can’t be unseen.

Back to checking the packing lists and bags.  Tomorrow is my last night at home for a while. I did manage to get two audio books on my Iphone. Thanks BA and N of the recommendations.

Oh, and I suppose I could do the squats, planks and hang on the pull up bar for a bit.

Love Betty





3 thoughts on “Packing for the changing Seasons

  1. Yup weather is wacky at the moment. Bring some clothes for warm (not hot) weather as well as cool (not cold). Layers and a windbreaker or water repellent jacket. Don’t bring too much, we can wash clothes while you’re here. A pair of flip flops (thongs in this country – don’t get me started), if you have them. One or two jumpers (sweater) or sweatshirts. Two pairs of comfortable walking shoes and throw-away clothes and/or shoes for that challenge. Woo hoo, are you excited yet? I can’t even imagine how long it will take to get the mud out of my hair – fun times

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